Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'll bet you thought I was dead.

I was reading some aquantances blog's today and thought to myself, self you should post on your blog and see if Robb still has it on his RSS feed. We'll soon find out. I know you're all aglow with anticipation to see if my old married friend Robb has me in RSS. Frankly I think RSS sounds like an acronym for retardation or something. But that's just me being politically incorrect. Like the time I said I thought I might be too good looking to date this one girl. Yeah, that just really came out of my mouth, what's worse is at the time I actually thought it was true. I'm a bad man. So as I sit here and wait for my boss to arrive and shout out orders with all the speed and acumin of a pirateship capitan I'm reminded of why I started to keep this blog in the first place. To kill time and entertain myself and maybe a friend or two. I think its also important for you all to have a view into the OC life that I have here. I know you all think its sunshine and hot women with fake breasts, and really it is mostly that. But being a rabid mormon I miss out on the fake breasts for the most part, and since its always sunniest on Sundays I miss that too.

Though I have taken up running again. And by again I mean two days out of the last three, I don't want to sound like I've been hard at it for months. So remember how I had a personal trainer and was in this insanely good shape? Yeah, that's in the crapper. I've now got a nice belly going on and havnt been to the gym in a month. WTF? I mean I can't believe how sucky I've been about going to the gym. I used to run two or three miles a day AND lift weights for an hour and a half, five days a week AND do plyometrics once a week. For the uninitiated plyometrics is not a drug its a way to train your muscles for really quick strong movements like jumping squats with a medicine ball or push ups where you push up hard enough to have your hands leave the ground along with your body. Sufficeth to say I am NOT in that kind of shape anymore. I desperately want to be there again. Clearly I don't want it bad enough to make the effort. But coming back to the personal trainer thing. I miss it and want it again. It just rocked. Jeez this is a boring post. I'm ending it before it gets any worse. I'll try and post something a little more interesting next time. Like...how I just had three donuts for breakfast and then scolded the guy I share an office with for eating a granola bar for breakfast cause its not healthy. I rock.


At 4:47 PM, Blogger epadavito said...

I absolutely love cuban sandwiches - had them on my mission for the first time - wow - definately let me know about that restaurant...good luck working out - its crazy how we always say we'll do things and then never get out to do it


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