Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Awesomest Worker

So I just checked my blog for the first time since my last post because someone named Anonymous said they enjoy my sarcasm and that I should write a column. I don't like to jump to conclusions....I really don't I just do it a lot, but I think he/she or heshe might be one of the greatest people I've ever been commented on by. I've long felt that people should have to read what I write. And writing a column someplace for someone would be perfect. I mean how talented am I? So talented I can link to someone elses opinion and get credit for being awesome. On another note, ignore the link on the last post, it was previously linked to an opinion piece about the reaction to the Virginia Tech shootings but now it appears to be something about politics. Politics aren't bad but I have no comment on them usually. So yeah, don't click on the link. I can't believe you just clicked on the link. Click off!! Go click yourself! Those are not my jokes but you'll never figure out whose they are.


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