Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I think I'm so clever

Sometimes when I read I want to write. I will even have a notion of what I'd like to say or perhaps a story to tell. It ends there, generally. I've got the big ideas, the big emotions but I'm sadly lacking in the virtues. Namely, words to string together to lay it all down. You'd imagine maybe, perhaps, I'd have picked up something from the books I've read over the years. Unfortunately writing, good writing, you can't get by reading good writing, you actually have to do it. That is not to say you can't learn good writing from reading good writing but you just on occasion have to actually put something down on paper, or pixels.  

Maybe this blog is my attempt to do that.  To srcibble down the frantic, fleeting growth inside my head I'd call a story.  I think I'll give it more of a try, in the very least you all can amuse yourselves at my expense, I have no problem with that.


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