Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lightening striking sea sickness

I have a lot of nightmares. Invariably I have them the night before I go to the temple, or if I've read about or seen anything with a rattlesnake in it a few hours before bedtime or had pizza right before bed. I've had the standard old nightmares of being attacked while in bed, being pinned down unable to breath or scream or talk or communicate, being watched from outside my window, watching rattlesnakes cover my bedroom floor, vanity, headboard, nightstand and slither in my shoes and eventually up my bed. I've drowned, been shot, forgotten, slashed to pieces, fallen from great heights, been choked, trampled and in car wrecks, trapped under ice, even never born (that's surreal let me tell you) but never have a I had a dream like last night.(maybe those aren't your standard old nightmares but its what I get) The dream couldn't have been more then moments in real time, even in dream time it was quick.

I found myself in a brick house with white trim, nice new double pane windows and furniture several decades out of date. The house had a familiar air. The same cold, damp smell of my Uncle Al's basement. A smell from childhood. Not an unpleasant smell but unexpected in a second story bedroom. A steady, fat rain beat on the window, ran down the siding and gushed out the gutters into planters. Its interesting to me now that I could see the exterior of the house from within. But dreams always have their own rules you understand inherently while you dream.

I was hell bent on getting to my car, which was white and a sedan and parked on the street just to the left of the drive way. I ran down steps from the second story to the drive way. Steps that weren't there moments earlier when I surveyed the exterior. I was drenched by the time I got to the corner of the grass and the sidwalk where a large tree sat. Coming underneath the tree my cell phone, unknown to me until now, vibrated in my pocket. I took it out and felt the air charge with electricty, it arced between the ends of my half open flip phone. I threw it away and watched it go supernova in the street. Unaware, I found I'd thrown myself downand was doing my best to hug the grass and be flat. Lightening came down and bloomed all over the tree, poured onto the ground and ran through me, over me and out of me. It arced between tree branches, my fingers and my teeth. I felt no real pain only a distant pressure all over me. I thought I might be the first person to actually drowned in electricity. It kept coming, strike after strike, not disappating but pooling, rolling over the ground and burying me in blue white brightness.

And that's where I woke up. Not startled, or gasping but uncomfortable. I was on my stomach, spread eagle, fingers dug into my matress with a smidgen of drool down my chin. My hands were numb. I rolled off the bed, tripped to the light switch and squinted at the bright bulbs in my lamp. My clock read 430, only three hours till my temple trip. Another temple trip tradition under my belt. Also, my stomach hurt.


At 4:01 PM, Blogger Robb said...

Rattlesnakes? Can't say that I've ever dealt with that one. But I do have the can't-talk-or-move dream, and every time I do, I swear to myself that this time it's not a dream - but of course, I wake up and realize that it was, just like every other time.

I also have driving-a-runaway vehicle dream. Apparently my anxiety revealed.


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