Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Consistently Inconsistent

What's it been like two months since I posted anything? Sorry bout that, I'm sure you're all just dangling there, frothing at the mouth to know what the end of the story is. Much like me and the Harry Potter series. I finished the sixth book about a week ago. What's my take on that section of the whole Harry Potter saga? Kind of saw it coming. Though I didnt anticipate that certain people would do certain things to important characters like that. Man that was a lot of writing to say nothing. Maybe I will make a good lawyer afterall. At the moment I'm kind of starting to study for the LSAT. The next time its given is in October, I do believe. I'm not going to register for it. I can tell its going to take me a little bit of time to understand how to take the test and deal with the logic games and stuff.

I had some interesting experiences lately. I went to Havasu Falls with some old friends. See that's the falls behind me(like how I did that whole picture posting thing its way high tech and design savy, I'm sure my buddy Seth the Salesman would be proud) I highly suggest a visit. Its worth the ten mile hike through killer desert heat. I hadnt really spent that much time in the outdoors in a while. It was nice to get away from all the high tech, flashy, loud, irritating media that surrounds me most days. I actually worked through a few personal isssues while I was there it was very theraputic. One of the things I decided was that I was going to break up with my girlfriend. It really wasnt working out. Well I got back from Havasu Falls and aparently she beat me to the punch. I havnt spoken with her since before I left for my little trip to the great outdoors. So I guess that's how they do it these days. Just cut off contact. Oh well. Now I can go up to Utah visit my friends and not have to feel guilty for hanging out with them.

Man my writing sucks. When I was in school I was writing almost nonstop for my classes but since then I write the occasional blog or email but nothing too elaborate. Consequently my writing style blows as does my ability to express myself clearly. I guess you could say that's another thing I learned on my little wilderness adventure, how much I miss writing. If you really enjoy writing and research you'll understand what I'm going to say. When you're trying to hammer out your final draft and you're searching for those oh-so-perfect words or phrases to get your meaning as clear as possible and then suddenly they just burst out of your brain like a 100 miles an hour baseball made up of....damn. Lost the thread. Eh, it was a pretentious sentence anyways and frankly, I was forcing it. Funny I just told my Old Roomate Robb(he will now be known as Canadian Robb), like literally 3 minutes ago, that its sad to read people's blogs and watch them try and be deep and meaninful when really their brains only run ankle deep. Perhaps I might fall under that catagory or maybe I should just not force myself to be deep and just float by on an inflatable pool raft or maybe even those like plastic blue things that just kind of lay low in the water, man those are comfortable. See that was much better and I was being shallow. Note to self, shallowness makes for fun readable writing. I know an exfriend of mine always writes deep stuff. I'll use a friends phrase to desribe his writing style. (though the original phrase was used to describe a mutual friends dating style it should work pretty well.) The exfriends writing style is all candles and smoking jackets. That is to say, a performance, something to create a mood and in this case a persona. Anyways his writing is exhausting to read and really makes him come across as self righteous, and superior. And not that good kind of superior either, like Lake Superior, but the more sneeeoooty kind. Which is sad cause he's not really like that, he is self righteous, but not too sneeeoooty. But back to my main point, my writing is suffereing terribly. Guess that's one more reason to keep a consistent blog. I know Canadian Robb keeps a consistent blog and he teaches English as a Second Language. I'm not sure what the connection there is to good, solid writing but its there if you look for it I'm sure. Let me see did I learn anything else on my trip to Havasu Falls? Oh yeah freeze dried food will give you vivid crazy-ass dreams.

Hope you liked the photo there. I've got tons more Havasu trip pictures here at my msnspace thingy: . Anyways, I'll do my best to do my duty to be a more consistent poster. And as always, take it easy.