Monday, August 28, 2006

Somewhere Paul Is Rolling Over in His Grave

Monday, August 21, 2006

Things I hate...yes hate!

The IT people are at my office today, and since my comp is the server I'm relegated to a side office and a laptop(my former office actually that I enjoyed and then was kicked out of and moved into a bigger albeit shared office). So as I sit here reading and being geeky by reading about comicbooks and other non "cool" stuff there is a continual parade of people from other offices and businesses that are loud and do stupid things that bug me.

-People with earpiece/bluetooth tech that yell as they walk by.
-Groups of people that stampede by, stomping so hard the pens on my temporary desk vibrate.
-My boss walking by mail key in hand going to check and see if we got any of what we call good mail otherwise known as checks for large sums of money. Of course, never in our 8 month history has the mail come before 4pm, yet he checks it prior to 4pm on a semi regular basis. Besides the obvious reason for not checking due to prior experiences its actually my responsibilty and a responsibility they've reminded me of many times to check. Why don't they just hire a goddamn monkey to check the mail? Oh wait there goes one now key in hand to check the mail at 330pm. Dumbass.
-The front desk girls incredibly loud heels.
-People playing games in the bathroom on their cells.
-Not having an inexpensive place to dine at lunchtime.
-Having to move because they've upped my rent.