Thursday, April 27, 2006

Something I'll be adding on too...

So I have so many complaints to register about my two new bosses that I hardly know where to begin but here's one:after dropping a huge project, without any notice, in my and my coworkers lap, you continue to ask me to do things for you today, things you think are immediate when clearly what we're working on will make or break the hearings you have in court tomorrow, in addition, you keep asking me to do stuff you've already asked me to do...also did you know its 130 and I'm just taking lunch which is WHY I havn't be able to do all the extra shit you asked me to do? Dumbass.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

What do I title this?

Quick update, I live in Newport, if you didn't know this you probably don't read this blog anyways because you don't know me and I would have just told you if I did know you, unless I'm trying to marginalize our friendship in which case I don't live in Newport. You've missed my run on sentences havnt you. I wish I had more to say then I moved but there's nothing I want to note in the past few months. I guess I could get on here and say how much I hate my bosses sometimes or how the social life here is a complete mystery to me ( did I spell mystery right? I can never tell).

So today's plans are to go play ultimate frisbee for a bit. I really need to get out and do something so it will be good. There's no real point or anything to this post. I've got no ax to grind....well that's not true I just don't have an ax I want to specifically grind here. I'm kind of falling asleep while writing this. Its not like I had a late night or something. All I did was go to the Long Beach v BYU volleyball game. In true BYU fashion they choked at the end and blew it. I thought I'd post some pics so you guys can see what I've been doing and what life here is like.

Sometimes we have picnics:

So relaxing:

Or we go bowling and I look like a total pimp while scoring relentless strikes:

One of my only close friends here:

Another friend:

So there ya go. A slice of life or whatever. Enjoy it cause that maybe all that you're getting.