Friday, November 25, 2005

Post Holiday Post

Well looks like Thanksgiving is over. I've just been helping my sister put up her Christmas decorations. Its been like 12 hours since Thanksgiving day was over and BAM on to the next one. I just hope I dont have to climb up ladders and things at my house to put stuff up. Vaulted ceilings can be dangerous, let me tell you.

I'm missing the flag football game at home today, which kind of sucks but oh well they're always be more games and stuff. I also missed my muah thai class today which REALLY sucks. But I'm sure my trainer didnt want to come into the gym today anyways. He's probably still a little hung over from yesterday.

I hear the new Sunday School lessons for next year are in the Old Testament. Can I just say "YAWN".... Actually I only say that cause I know the Old Testament about as well as I know particle physics. The great thing about teaching the BOM or D&C in Sunday school is that I've got TONS of extra info just stored up in my brain. Which I can use to spice up lessons or interrupt people's malaise in the middle of a lesson about tithing. Like last Sunday, when that Sunday's teacher forgot he was supposed to speak in a ward 45 minutes away so I got it dumped on me about 5 minutes before class. I kid you not, five minutes. Lucky for me I hadnt even read that weeks assigned reading so I had no clue what we were talking about that day AND I didnt have a manual to go off of. But it actually turned out really well, it was one of the lessons I've enjoyed more. I just pulled out a list of scriptures about Prayer that I'd made during my mission. So we just read the scriptures and discussed them. It was fun AND it was how I think Sunday School ought to be. The ought to be discussions about scriptures not stuff you just read and share with the class, though all those cool qoutes from the prophets are pretty useful. Maybe I'll end up having to do more of that with the Old Testament stuff seeing as how I've got no anicdotal stuff to add to the lessons. I probably fear Isaiah most of all. Those are the chapters I usually just skip in the BOM. Nephi says they're clear, I say Nephi didnt get the english translation he got the original meanings. It might as well be greek.

Well I think I'll go and read a book, I'm bored.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I forgot to stick these two pics in the last post. I LOVE the line up one. Its called Suspects. If you check em out each one has his own personality its cool. If you have no idea what you're looking at see the post posted just moments before this one.

This one's called Gentle. Its aparently showing the kinder, more tender side of a Rock'em Sock'em robot fighter.

Artistic Crap

I'm a huge sci fi/fantasy geek. Which I think I've admitted to before. I like the new grittier sci fi of today, like Battle Star Gallactica (still need to watch it Robb you'd love it), Firefly, Alien and the like. But I also enjoy the more glamorous, shiny, spic and span sci fi of days gone by. I came across some art online that I think really captures the often whimsical nature that early sci fi. It reminds me of some episodes of Twilight Zone and Lost in Space. Also some of it looks like it came out of an old Superman Comic or even the amazingly drawn animated series of the late fifties. I'm sure you'll be able to spot those ones Robb as they have a very Smallville-esk quality, especially with the basic Superman colors. The artist who produced these little gems goes by Eric Joyner, no relation to Wally Joyner the baseball least I don't think so. His website is here, Robb as I'm thinking you'll be the only one interested in looking at more of it, and maybe Seth: .

The first picture might be my favorite. It's called Heist. I love the concept its showing and I love that the spaceship is fantastically huge compared to the people being sucked into it. Gives you a real sense of watching this going on from a far off hilltop. Plus the addition of the robot running away is freakin awesome I think.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Getting away from a blog is like trying to get out of one of those Chinese finger traps. Or in the words of Princess Leia Organa to Grand Moff Tarkin "The more you tighten your grip, the more systems that will slip through your fingers." Actually that quote isnt even remotely applicable to the Chinese finger trap analogy. Forget it. Though it is one of my favorite quotes of Princess Leia's, right up there with when she called Han Solo a "scruffy looking nerf herder". Ahh the mythos of Star Wars. Kind of makes you wish you had your own personal mythos that everyone knew and could converse about. I remember having the discussion with my friends growing up about who would win in a force battle between The Emperor and Yoda. Which you actually get to see played out in Revenge of the Sith. It was a draw....I dont buy it. Yoda must have just taken it easy on the Emperor in order to perhaps avoid taking his life. Anyways, mythos. Get one...or several. But my original point was getting away from your blog.

I was straight up sick of it and them. But maybe I'll start posting again. I dont know, but I figured I owed something so someone about posting at least once more. Sorry it isnt much of a post, or has cool pictures and what not like Seth's, or deeper questions about teaching ESL like Robb's, or stuff like Derek's. Yes that was a shot at you Derek. I have noticed that since I'd stopped posting blog entries, my contact with my friends in Utah has all but ceased. But I should ask is that more on me or them? I'm going to go ahead and be unfair and say them. Its not that bad a thing really. It freed me up to do other things? Anyways, I'm getting ready to go to San Jose and up to San Francisco at the end of the month. I'm taking the train which should be cool. I havnt ridden a train since I was in Ireland. Plus I think I'm taking my golf clubs so I can get a game in up there. I wish more of my friends played golf. While it has be described by someone I know as a rich kid sport, complete bullshit-comments like that make me mad mostly cause it shows how ignorant people are, its actually not too expensive and provides a great time to just hang out with your friends. The games we play arnt about winning so much as they are about getting together. Much like my weekly poker games used to be till the Prophet spoke about poker in conference. I havnt played a game since. Anyways, I think I'll wrap this totally pointless post up now.